Warranty Deed V Quit Claim Deed

Warranty Deed v Quit Claim Deed A quit claim deed conveys everything owned by the grantor with the exception of any reservations. A warranty deed conveys the same title plus provides a representation that the grantor owns that which is conveyed which .the grantor has to back up with defense of title and damages if the owner is wrong plus the doctrine of estoppel by deed of after acquired title applies. If the grantor is insolvent or deceased at the time a title issue arises, defense and damages may not be useful. Title…Read more

Are you driving on a suspended license or do you need your driver’s license reinstated?

Defense to Driving on a Suspended License In Michigan, the penalties for driving with a suspended license are severe. They range from a doubling of the length of the initial suspension, fines and driver’s responsibility fees, all the way to substantial incarceration. Still, some people drive on a suspended or revoked license-sometimes because they feel they have no other choice. With Watt Law Firm, P.C. at your side, you can have other options. Rather than taking the risk of jail time or other serious consequences, if your driver’s license has been suspended or…Read more