Start The Year Off Right! Protect Your Family With A Comprehensive Estate Plan

START THE YEAR OFF RIGHT! PROTECT YOUR FAMILY WITH A COMPREHENSIVE ESTATE PLAN Start this year off right and resolve to take care of yourself and your family.  A fresh first step is to have Watt Law Firm, P.C. create your comprehensive estate plan. A comprehensive estate plan should including the following documents:  will, financial and medical powers of attorney, and a living will.  If you already have an estate plan, consider having Watt Law Firm, P.C. review your documents to ensure that they still accurately convey your wishes and encompass all your…Read more


Bankruptcy questions? Step One: Schedule a no-cost, no-obligation consultation. Your first consultation is free, and you will meet with the attorney personally. The attorney will help you determine your best option available and answer all your questions. Bankruptcy Step two: Complete your online credit counseling course and submit your documents. After your first meeting with Watt Law Firm, you will be provided with a questionnaire and a list of required documents. Bankruptcy Step Three: Attend the meeting of creditors. Shortly after your case is filed, Watt Law Firm will accompany you to the 341 hearing, also known…Read more
Forming A New Business? We Can Help?

Forming A New Business? We Can Help?

Watt Law Firm, P.C. has expertise in the formation of new business entities including the determination of the appropriate structure for your business and the creation of the corporate documentation. We help clients prepare necessary corporate documentation, including: Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws; Articles of Organization and Operating Agreements; Shareholders Agreements; Corporate Minutes and Resolutions; Business Asset or Stock Purchase Agreements and Sale Agreements. You may find organizations on the Internet, in magazines or the newspaper that offer certain services at lower rates. However, many of these organizations are unable to provide you…Read more

Grand Rapids Attorney Warning!

Grand Rapids Attorney is warning about chapter seven bankruptcies this time of year as the 2013 tax refund will not be issued until the Spring of 2014.  If you are filing chapter seven bankruptcy between now and until the time you file for your tax return, this is not an asset you have in your hand and that you can count as an asset. It is something that is allowable in the future.  However, bankruptcy laws state that it is an asset that you currently hold and are vested in and if you…Read more

Grand Rapids Michigan Real Estate Lawyer

At Watt Law Firm, P.C., we are committed to providing solutions for individuals and businesses in all aspects of real estate and property law. You need an experienced real estate lawyer guiding you through the process to ensure your rights are fully protected. Handling Residential & Commercial Real Estate Issues Whether you are buying and selling real estate or need a skilled litigator to make sure your rights are protected, we can help you. We handle a wide variety of real estate law-related issues, including: Purchase Agreements Closing Representation Title and Title Insurance…Read more

Young Adults Need an Estate Plan too!

Why Your College-Age Children Need an Estate Plan They Should Designate Someone to Make Medical and Financial Decisions By ANNE TERGESEN Sept. 21, 2013 8:49 p.m. ET Here’s an issue many families overlook when children leave for college: That child, in the eyes of the law, is now an adult—and needs some all-important documents.Once individuals reach the age of majority—18 in most states—their parents are no longer entitled to see their medical and financial records and make decisions on their behalf. As a result, it is important for young adults to set up an estate…Read more

Starting a new business? Formation of a business from the ground up

How to Start a Small Business: From partnerships to corporations, Watt Law Firm, P.C., will help you decide the proper business entity for your business. In the business start-up process, we will help you: Organize the structure of ownership: We help you choose a business entity that fits with your business plan. Possible business formations include Limited Liability Companies (LLC), C Corporations, S Corporations and Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP). Determine the appropriate layers of equity and debt Establish corporate controls to reflect the contributions of the principal owners Set up a joint venture…Read more
When Obtaining An Attorney

When Obtaining An Attorney

When an attorney is admitted to the State Bar of Michigan, that allows the attorney to practice anywhere in Michigan.  In the United States everything is based on states law and states licensing and regulation.  Obviously, there are certain federal things but those are different.  The majority of divorces, law suits, everything that occurs within a certain state are authorized by that state. So, once an attorney is admitted to the State Bar of Michigan, the attorney can practice anywhere in Michigan.  Geographically and economically, sometimes it doesn’t make sense to travel to…Read more


Jurisdiction and venue:  In every type of case there must be a court that has jurisdiction over the case.  In divorce, it isn’t based on the amount of money being decided or anything else, it is simply because it is an equitable division and therefore, the Circuit Court for the county has exclusive jurisdictions over divorce.  You can get a divorce in Probate Court or District Court, they have no jurisdiction over divorces.  Part of the jurisdictional requirements is that the party must live in the State of Michigan for more than six…Read more
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