divorceIf you face a divorce or family law problem and live in Grand Rapids or the West Michigan area, you can rest assured that we have represented clients in these Courthouses. You have found the Grand Rapids Divorce Attorneys best for you. The offices of Watt Law Firm offer divorce and family law services exclusively to clients in Grand Rapids and the surrounding metropolitan areas.

Understand Your Options

Divorce litigation can be difficult. The stakes are usually high. However, many family law and divorce conflicts are eventually resolved by agreement. The experienced professionals at Watt Law Firm have represented clients in simple, complex and high stakes cases for years. We will be prepared to fight for your rights and we will prepare to settle your case in your favor as well.

We communicate with you frequently so you know your options. And we will make sure you make informed decisions. We will ensure the decisions that will affect your family, your finances and your future will be well thought out and beneficial for you.

Comprehensive Family Law Practice

Our divorce lawyers in Grand Rapids offer a full range of family law legal services. We help our clients resolve financial issues such as valuing businesses and assets and dividing property and debt. We help our clients resolve support issues such as child support, maintenance and college contribution. We help our clients resolve children’s issues such as visitation, custody, removal, grandparents rights, guardianship, adoption, etc. Whatever family law issue you are dealing with, we can help.

Let us help you gain peace of mind today with a fresh start. Let your worries become a thing of the past and give yourself the gift of a good night’s sleep. Give our Grand Rapids divorce Attorneys the opportunity and privilege of serving you.