When Obtaining An Attorney

When an attorney is admitted to the State Bar of Michigan, that allows the attorney to practice anywhere in Michigan.  In the United States everything is based on states law and states licensing and regulation.  Obviously, there are certain federal things but those are different.  The majority of divorces, law suits, everything that occurs within a certain state are authorized by that state.

So, once an attorney is admitted to the State Bar of Michigan, the attorney can practice anywhere in Michigan.  Geographically and economically, sometimes it doesn’t make sense to travel to the Upper Peninsula but a practical point issue is if the counties are close, it makes it very feasible and very reasonable for attorneys to travel a short distance.

So, the Watt Law Firm is licensed in every state court in Michigan.  Watt Law Firm has handled cases in the Upper Peninsula and into the Detroit area.  I certainly cover all of the surrounding counties, Newaygo, Montcalm, Ionia, Eaton, Barry, Clinton, Allegan, Ottawa, Van Buren, Kalamazoo, and Calhoun and of course Kent County.

So, if you do know someone that has a legal issue in those counties, or any county in the State of Michigan, have them contact Watt Law Firm.  If Watt Law Firm cannot handle the issue, our office will refer you to an attorney that can handle the issue and that is local in that area.

Our office offers no charge complimentary initial appointments, free parking, barrier free entrance and our office accepts credit cards.

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